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Karate + Hapkido | Self-Defense + Fitness

Real self-defense. Real martial arts for all ages.

Pressure-test for speed, shock, power, mental fortitude. Practice against real attacks, full intent on a single purpose. Grow confidence from the vast array of breaking points the body provides. Develop speed and skill with practice.

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Want more?

Private Lessons

If your schedule is unpredictable or you'd like one on one instruction with Master Ky Jacoby, private lessons are a great solution.

Our Private Lesson Package includes five, 50 minute private lessons, one uniform and one white belt.

Contact us now to set up your private lessons!


Bring Us To You

We want to connect with your business. Adding a self-defense seminar to a company picnic is a fun and exciting way to engage employees and their families. Whether it's easier for your group to come to our school or to send us to you, we will make it work.

Self-defense is building good habits and consistent training, but there are dozens of simple lessons your community can learn to protect themselves.

Please get in touch for more information.